Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our Easter weekend ended up being quite eventful! We went to Adrian (our hometown) on Saturday and stayed the night to go to church with my in-laws. I knew Elijah was not feeling great on Saturday morning but was hoping it was just the same crud he has had. BUT throughout the day as he would suck on his bottle for only a few minutes and then push it away, I thought maybe it was an ear infection. He never ran a fever! (all three of the other kiddos always ran a fever with an ear inf.) Anyway...we decided to wait and see. Sat. night was BAD! The longest he slept at a time was 2 hours. I finally ended up on the couch holding him up so he could try to sleep. I felt so bad for him! Then he woke at 630 am and sat up with a huge smile on his face! NO KIDDING!!! He got on the floor was laughing and playing like nothing was wrong and he had a great nights sleep. ME?? I was a walking zombie! :)
We went to Church and we ended up sitting right up front. (never a good idea with an active loud baby!) During their prayer/praise time Elijah was eyeing the minister and smiling and talking. He came over and asked to hold him. Told everyone his name and a little about the adoption and then said say HI. Elijah lifted his hand and waved at the congregation!!! Everyone laughed and clapped. What a cheeser we have!
After Church we headed to my brother's for dinner with my family. While we were there Emilie was out back flying her kite. Elijah decided he had had enough and was getting more and more upset. Emilie wanted to stay for the egg hunt but I had gone out to tell her we were going home. I told her I would hide eggs in our back yard and explained about Elijah. She agreed and asked if she could try to get her kite up one more time. I said yes...THEN, as she was running she looked back to see if it was up (before I could warn her) she turned and ran right into a barb wire fence!
SCARY!!! She ended up with 3 stitches in her neck and 4 stitches in her arm. We were told a little one way or the other and things could have been REALLY bad! We have thanked God several times for watching over her!!
Monday I took Elijah to the Dr and found out he has an ear infection and they did not like the congestion so I have to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours for 2 days. He is getting used to them but the first time I did it he screamed the whole time!! I was not a happy Mommy either.
SO...that was our Easter. Certainly one for the books! Hope everyone else had a great Easter.

Emilie at he Emergency room. She did a great job!
At Uncle Joe's house before the crankies hit and the incident! Elijah did love Daisy.
Getting their Easter books.
Easter egg hunt at Mammy and Grandpa's.
Coloring eggs at our house Friday.
Hope your week is a good one!


Missy said...

Wow!! Thank God everyone is OK now!

Breann said...

Thank God for near mishaps. Glad everyone is healing.