Monday, April 12, 2010

7 WEEKS...

We have been home with our boy for 7 weeks yesterday! The time has flown by....I used to read where people would say that it felt like their little ones had been with them forever...and now I feel the same way. He fits perfectly with our family. God's plan was a perfect one for sure! Why should we ever doubt? :)
In these past 7 weeks we have enjoyed so much watching him grow and learn. He seems pretty attached to his Mommy and Daddy and is getting there with his sisters and brother. He will look for me when I leave the room or follow me when I go up the stairs! (Yes we have a baby gate) He is quite our little adventurer and doesn't seem to have much fear, except for when it comes to walking! :)
He will be 11 months this week and I will update more on what he is doing and post pics.
Emilie is doing well and healing. She will get her stitches out this week as well. She is a little nervous about this.
Hope you all have a wonderful week~

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