Tuesday, March 30, 2010


AND...our boy is certainly growing (a little too fast for this Mommy!). We are having so much fun with him. He is certainly an explorer. Once he got out of that crib his whole world was opened and he has not stopped checking it out!
He gets up about 7 and has a bottle and empties his basket of toys by 730! He loves his car and dump truck and actually crawls along as he pushes them. He is becoming quite attached to his Mommy and Daddy, although, will still go to just about anyone. He does not suck his thumb near as much as he used to. He does when he is really tired or hungry (and it is taking Mom too long!).
He is a HUGE charmer! He can look at someone and give them that smile and head tilt and they are putty in his hands. It is pretty funny. Even in a restaurant, I saw him do this and the old guy stopped and talked with him. TOO CUTE!
He loves to smack his hands on things. I think he needs some drums! He does have a birthday coming up.
I am looking forward to our first holiday with him. It will be a busy weekend but will be so much fun. I am praying for good weather.
Now...to the pictures...
Learning to walk.
Playing in his room wearing his new hat.
Going up the stairs! UUGH-He has made it up 3 of the 15. Any further and the baby gate will go up.
Just looking cute!
Taking a ride on the horsey. This horse has outlasted several kiddos including my hubby! It has duct tape on the side of it. :)
Daddy went in to check on him one night and found him all curled up in his blanket. You can kind of see his head and his feet are sticking out.
I hope you all are enjoying your week. I have been a little under the weather but am hoping by tomorrow I will be back and ready to do some work around here.
Blessings to all,

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Kathryn and Kevin said...

He is so darn adorable, Tina. I can't wait to the day, I can share Joshua's picture.