Monday, March 8, 2010


We know from reading and watching and following other blogs that bonding and attachment can take time. We have certainly not rushed our little guy in this at all. We just love on him, play with him, make sure we are the only ones feeding him and rocking him to sleep.
We have noticed in the last few days that he is showing signs of bonding. He is looking for us when others are around or holding him. He is fussing if he wants us or would rather be down. When he wants to let us know something he will whine and crawl around to find us. He says mamamama and dadadada and has since we got him. But lately we have seen him do as he crawls to us so we "think" it may be the real deal.
BUT tonight my heart melted for this little boy once again. He came crawling to me fussing as I was writing some thank you cards. He pulled up to the rocking chair and started trying to grab the things and throw them off my lap. I took that as a sign that he needed me. I quickly sat everything down and picked him up. He cuddled up to me, stuck his thumb in his mouth and just stared at me. I began rocking him and kept staring at me as I rocked and talked to him. He then began rubbing my face until he finally closed his eyes. This Mommy was so happy! Usually, he loves to be rocked but he doesn't really look at me as I rock him. This was like he was talking to my soul! I kept repeating how much I loved him and singing Jesus Loves Me to him. He was just staring at me and every once in awhile he would smile but he laid perfectly still the whole time. (Which never happens! This kid is on the move always!!) I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY SO MUCH!!!!
Today we also took him to Em's school so she could do a show and tell with her class. He was a hit! One young man looked at him and then turned to the teacher and said..."He is a mini me!" The teacher and I got quite a laugh and had to agree! :)
SO...Life in the Hubbard house is certainly blessed. God has been amazing throughout this journey and He continues to be!

Hope you all have a blessed week,


G. Lopez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . said...

Hi Tina, is nice to know that you guys are bonding; I love those moments when parent and son/daughter have a bonding time like that; I had a moment like that yesterday with my 6 yrs old son.

Karen & Brad Hernke said...

What a wonderful..heart touching post. LOVE IT!!! It just melted my heart and I sooo can not wait for that day to come. God Bless You!!!

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