Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am going to combine 2 posts this time. We can start with one month since that is today...3/14!

Elijah has been in our arms for exactly one month. He is doing so great. The month has flown by and we are truly enjoying this blessing we have been given. He is attaching/bonding very well. We see progress everyday. He loves all of the kids and even loves to follow the dogs. Most days he will follow me everywhere and if a gate is in his way he will let me know about his unhappiness.


10 months He is such a busy boy and into everything we will allow. He says Mama and Dada but we are not 100% sure he is meaning us although he does follow me around saying mamamammama! He is still eating baby food (we are still testing to make sure he is not allergic to any). He does not like peas. He will eat most everything else. He LOVES popcorn. Don't worry we only give him the soft part! But he will beg right along with the dogs if we have some. He is sleeping about 9-10 hours at night. He is walking quickly around furniture and it seems to everyone that he will be walking soon. (I am not ready...want to keep him a baby a bit longer!) He loves to look out our front door and it's a bonus if there is someone out there he can see. He loves his siblings and plays with them a lot. He will give open mouth kisses but not on request so... He likes to be rocked to sleep. He is an amazing little guy and we are very much in love with him! HAPPY 10 MONTHS BABY BOY!


tifanie said...

Put more pics up!

Monique said...

I was shocked too when I saw your post! A day apart that is awesome!! Hope everything with you guys is great! Elijah is the cutest!!!

Ninemire said...

OH I am such a sucker for a little guy in a sweater vest.
Glad you are enjoying your time..