Wednesday, March 3, 2010


*I can't believe how quickly time passed while we were here. We will be headed home by late tonight. Today is shopping (FUN!) and the traditional lunch and coffee ceremony. Once that is done we will finish packing and head for the airport around 630pm. It is going to be tough leaving here. We have formed such strong bonds that we never expected to.
*Shopping was an experience. I am sure I will wish we had gotten more. I tried to remember to get several things for him throughout the years. Almaz is amazing at shopping! We had fun just watching her. :)
*The traditional meal was neat. I am a very picky eater so did not put much on my plate. Our cook looked at my plate and said "Where lunch?" Then she took my plate and put food on it!!! Thankfully, I was sitting next to Don and told him he had to eat what she put on there because I did not want to offend her but was not going to eat it! :) He did. And still filled his plate again so I did not feel too bad.
*We got to make injera as well...I did not do well with this. Mine turned out to be a donut looking thing. I told them it was because I was married to a police officer. Almaz just kept laughing and laughing at me!
Almaz is an amazing person. Everyone we have met here has touched our lives in such a big way but she seems to have touched it the most for me. She is exhausted today and yet still stays and talks with us after everyone has gone. She keeps telling us how muh she will miss us. She said we need to come back and Don says in 6 years and she says NO...2 years! :)
We have been so blessed by this trip to get our son. A journey that we will never forget!
Our last day in Ethiopia
Don, Almaz, Elijah, Tsegay, and me
One of Elijah's Nannies
Last day with Almaz
My sad attempt at making injera
Daddy and Elijah relaxing

**I promise this is the last journal entry while in Ethiopia that I will post! :) I just wanted it all on here!

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Ninemire said...

You have done a great job of allowing us to live your experiance with you.
Thanks for that