Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Elijah got 2 new sock monkeys at his baby shower and this one made its way to our living room instead of in his crib. SO...Elijah decided to challenge him (Benjamin) to a wrestling match...

Got Ben by the tail...

AND...Elijah is the winner!!!
BUT he still loves Benjamin...
Elijah learned to clap his hands together this week. I was finally able to get him to do it so I could take a picture.
I love the monkey on his behind...SO CUTE!!!
I also showed him how to tap these toys together to make a clicking noise. Now he loves to do it!
He will empty his toy basket to find the stackable toys to click together!
Elijah loves our air purifier because it blows air out on him.
Hope you enjoyed the newest pics of our little guy! We are so enjoying our new life with him in it! He amazes me how quickly he picks up on things. He is getting braver and will probably (all too soon!) be walking.
Have a blessed St Patrick's Day!

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Kim and Kyle said...

He's looking so happy! Glad to see you guys settled in and lovin' life! :o)

Kim & Kyle Maeda