Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Wow this has been a crazy week and it is only half over!!:) We had a Dr appt for Emilie on Tues. It went well and we are hoping after today's appt we will see good results!

Randy woke up yesterday with Right side pain. I took him to the Dr after Em's appt and they sent us on to the ER. They aren't ruling the appendix out but all the tests came back ok. They sent us home and told us to watch him closely. I was up every two hours last night. Can you imagine looking in on your 16 yr old every 2 hours. It reminded me of when he was a baby and was so sick with croop and pneumonia and he was barely a yr old. He was a pretty sick little guy for about the first year and a half. Now he tends to be our healthiest one. a little side tracked...We had to go to our regular Dr today and they reread all of the results and wanted him to see a GI specialist asap. So...we have an appt tomorrow. He is still in some pain but he said not as bad as yesterday. We will see what tomorrow brings.

We have had some good news as looks like we have moved up on the waitlist. I will know for sure what the count is when I see the Fri update. BUT referrals of any kind are a blessing these days! :)

Please keep our family in your prayers as we see what Em's appt today brings and Randy's appt tomorrow brings and for more REFERRALS...there can never be too many! Lots and lots of families are waiting for their little ones.

***For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all the generations. Psalm 100:5

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Missy said...

Hope everyone's ok!! Yea for referrals and moving up!!!