Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well...I tried to download some pictures but it wouldn't let me so I will try again later.
We did have a good time on our mini vacation. We left early Saturday morning and got to the Zoo at about 10ish. It was a bit cold and rainy but most of the sites are inside which made it really nice. We stayed there most of the day. Emilie was upset that she did not get to see the elephants, rhinos, and lions. They were working around the elephant area so we assumed the elephants and rhinos were put up. We did not see the lions anywhere. Their cage was empty inside and out?? Em wanted to know who she could complain to! :) The gorillas were quite entertaining this time. One even scared Emilie when it ran up and hit the glass where she was standing!
When we left we were all tired of walking so we headed to our Hotel. I didn't realize when I booked it that we were right next to a Casino. BUT it was a really nice hotel with a nice indoor pool and hot tub. We went and ate and then hung out at the pool and hot tub for the night.
We woke to SNOW!!! We were glad that we had museums planned for that day. Randy wanted to go the Air and Space Museum. It was pretty cool. They got to do a simulator thing. It was funny all you could hear was Emilie screaming at first. Then we went to the Union Station Museum. They had a special chocolate display going on. They were even doing chocolate samples that day! YUM...We tried to walk around at the Old Market but it was snowing and wind was really bad. We ended up just going to the candy shoppe and eating at Spaghetti Works and then going back to the Hotel for more of the pool and hot tub.
Randy was happy that he got to eat dolphin and shark! YUCK...
We headed home Monday and got home at about 1. I am just about caught up on laundry and am starting the weekly routine.
Am praying for some referrals this week!


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