Friday, April 17, 2009

25 WEEKS...and another trip!

Another week has passed...We are now at 25 weeks. We have not moved up any on the list but are still hopeful that it will happen. I am pretty sure we will not be making the August closure and I am trying to be ok with that. It looks like we will be updating our homestudy once again! Our USCIS fingerprints will expire Nov 1st.

Just Don and I are headed out of town for the weekend. He has National Guard duties but I am tagging along to get away. Emilie is headed to Grandma and Papa's. Randy is going on a scout campout and Tifanie is staying here. She has to work tonight but is off tomorrow. She will watch the critters here. We are just going until Sunday. Don has to go to a ceremony to see some of his soldiers off and then a conference to go to in Springfield. I am just going along for the ride and taking a few good books.

Well...Praying for lots of referrals in the coming weeks. :)

Have a Blessed weekend.


Missy said...

Have Fun!!!

Ninemire said...

Hope you had a great weekend.
We to are praying for lots of referrals as well.