Thursday, October 15, 2009


Our little guy is 5 months old today. I wonder what he is doing?? What are the things they should be doing? Can he roll over...reach out and grasp at things...babble and coo??? I have been thinking a lot about that lately. I know, from others who have been there, that he is being well taken care of and loved. I guess I just feel like it should be Mommy every night I ask God to give him a big hug for me and let him know that Mommy and Daddy are doing there best to get to him as soon as we are allowed!

We did get some news...after making an appt to see why we still have not heard about our fingerprints, we found out they had been sent Sept 18th. we never got anything. They printed off a copy for us and so we have a new exp. date and I will check in another week or so to make sure they were cabled to Ethiopia. more thing checked. PTL!!!!

Also...I have the flu!! YUCK- Yesterday was is a little better. So far the oatmeal has stayed down... My question is...I am the one who is home most every day all day and I am the first one in our household to get it!!! UUGH-

Hope we get some good news today or tomorrow for all of those who are waiting on something!! Or even for those who just need some good news- :)

***Lord, You have promised to protect me, and I will trust You. Today, I will live courageously as I place my hopes, my faith, and my life in Your hands. Let my life be a testimony to the transforming power of Your love, Your grace, Your Son. AMEN

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elisa said...

wow...i guess our babies are the same age! Marleys bday is 5/13! HOping for courtdates soon!