Sunday, July 12, 2009


OK...the two week count down begins today! Hubby left this morning and will be home in 2 weeks. PLEASE PRAY! It happens that when he is gone things seems to go wrong. My laptop is acting up so I am on the kids' computer. UGH- I am thankful that it works and I can still keep up with everything! I started to have a meltdown earlier and then I caught myself and decided it would be alright! We will make it through the two weeks and things will fall into place and IT WILL BE ALRIGHT! This is a large thing for me because I can let my anxiety take over and it is not a pretty thing! :) Now I have survived several deployments that he has been on so I know that two weeks is nothing in the larger scheme of things. I just don't like him being away. I like knowing he will be home at a certain time or if I really want to talk to him or see him I can!

Don took the car so Randy is driving the Explorer tonight to Youth group! Another UGH- But I made him drive home from Church in it and he did just fine.

I am hoping and praying for a great week again this week!

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

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Missy said...

Good Luck Tina!! Let's hope this next two weeks is FILLED with good news to keep you occupied!!