Thursday, July 9, 2009

ANOTHER TEENAGE DRIVER... there is another teenage driver on the road! OK...pray for me! :) We are very proud of Randy. He is very excited. We took him out to dinner to celebrate and then he drove himself to youth group. It is so scary sending your children out like that.

GREAT NEWS: It looks like most of the abandonment cases have been rescheduled with court dates. PRAISE GOD! MOWA did close this week until the 24th of July, which could
delay court dates and travel BUT it looks like we have some getting the go ahead to travel next week. PRAISE GOD! There was 3 referrals given today including...a 3m old baby boy, 9.5m baby girl and siblings 3 and 5. PRAISE GOD!!!

With this news it looks like we have moved up 2 spots. The sibling group only waited 5 months the others were 11 months and 12 months. SO...if my calculations are right...we are #31 overall.

This has been a great day!


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Missy said...

I am so enjoying having another driver in the family!! The insurance $$ is what I could do, it sure increased!!