Friday, July 17, 2009


Today is 38 weeks since we began, officially, waiting for our referral from Ethiopia. Not much news to report this week. Have not heard of any referrals...or anything. We were told that the courts would remain open this year as opposed to years passed. I am praying this means great news for many people. I am finding it a bit frustrating trying to figure out where we stand in all of this. I am pretty certain we are about #33 over all but truly have no idea where we are with our preference. I think we are one number then I hear or see that someone has switched their preference and it makes ours different. I know it is all in God's timing and I still need to let God take control but it is hard for me. I like to be in control!

Don will be home in 8 days! YEAH- We have had a bit of a rough week. We started off with my laptop messing up, then we had several visits to the Drs office this week, then Don hit a curb and tore up his tire (while gone) and then his phone started acting up (he could hear you but you could not hear him). SO...I hope the next several days goes MUCH better for all of us!

Emilie left yesterday to spend a week with my parents. She was looking forward to it. They were taking her and 3 of her cousins (they are all the same age) to Branson this weekend and then keeping them for a few extra days as well. Can you imagine gaining 4 grandchildren in 7 months!!?? I am picking her up on Wed so she will be here for her birthday. She will be 11 on the 23rd! UGH- That really makes me feel old! :)

Randy has a campout this weekend. He is leaving at 5 tonight so I will be home alone for the weekend. I plan on trying to get a lot done. I started a few things last night (cleaned Em's bedroom carpet). I want to clean several other carpets and work on some bathrooms. We will see what I get accomplished.

Praying for good news very very soon. There are several court dates coming up the beginning of August!

Have a BLESSED weekend!

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Missy said...

I still get angry about the NOT telling the numbers!! GRRR!!!! Luckily we are close enough that we know exactly where we are in line, but the wait is hard enough for all of the families. A little more info would be great!!