Thursday, December 25, 2008


We went to bed last night with the alarm set for 3 am so we could get up and play Santa. After being up at 3 and it taking a little while to get back to sleep...we were up at 7. We were woke up by our middle child. (YES...the 15 year old!!) Every year he is our first one up! He then goes and gets the youngest one up and then sends them to get everyone else up!!
We had a great morning. We opened gifts and then had a nice big breakfast and now are working it off playing our new Wii Santa brought us!! We are slowly getting around to head to Mammy and Grandpa's. I think the kids had a nice Christmas.
I do so wish that our little guy was here to share it with us but I am praying that in just a few months he will be here!
Here are few pictures of our morning!

Here on our mantle sits the one thing I bought for our little guy. It is a stuffed reindeer. I just wanted something to be here that made us feel like he was a part of all of this.

Emilie with her new webkinz. She has named her horse Chloey.

Tifanie with her new Spiderman shirt! She is not a morning person so this is the best picture I have of her for the morning! :)

Randy with his new weights and weight bench!

Have a great day! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!

Until later~

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