Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well...with Christmas and all of the craziness I forgot to post on Friday. We have been waiting for 9 whole weeks for our little guy. The time seems to be moving right a long. I have good days mostly with a few bad thrown in! I guess you have to mix it up a little! :) I am anxious to see how many referrals there will be once CHI opens on Jan 5th. I am sure there will be a few at least. I know some girls would be great but the more boys the more movement we make. ;)
I spent Friday taking down decorations. We still have the tree up BUT it will be coming down tomorrow! I love putting up decorations for Christmas but am always ready to get things back to normal. I do not function well in chaos or when things are not where they belong! The kids said they are proud of me because I keep moving the ottoman so we can play wii. Usually, I would gripe at them for moving it! :)
Saturday we got to visit with Don's cousin Matt. He is in the military. We were actually in Germany at the same time for a bit. This was many years ago! Tifanie was just a little one about 1 yr old. WOW...that was over 17 years ago!! I AM OLD!!!! was really great to see him with his family. They are also expecting another little one in May.
I have some more pics to post but will spread them out over time. I will post a few today. They are from Christmas Day with Don's side of the family.
Mammy and Grandpa with the kids.

We got Maggie a cannister with lots of musical instruments. She was really enjoying the harmonica! Uncle Donald wanted to get her a drumset! :)

Mammmy and Grandpa gave this bear to our little guy. We are supposed to travel with it. It is so soft and cuddly!

SO...Until later~

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