Friday, December 5, 2008


I know I have your attention by the title, right? Well...I will start with the cat adventure.

Our oldest has a kitten named MJ. MJ likes to dart out the front door if you are not paying attention to her. Somehow last night she got out while Tifanie was leaving to take the boyfriend home. She woke me up at about 11pm looking for her. We hunted through our house and then walked around the house outside and a few neighbor's yards but she was not to be found. I finally crawled in bed at 1230 am and the cat had not been found. Tifanie was sleeping on the sofa just in case she showed up,inside the house. I tossed and turned and could not sleep because I knew how sad Tifanie was. I prayed a lot hoping MJ would survive the bitter cold. When I got up this morning I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast and praying to myself about finding the kitten. Then the deck came into view. I put my shoes on and walked out to look under it and as I called to her she stumbled out from under where we keep the riding lawnmower. Her eyes were HUGE and she looked like she had not liked her adventure very well. I took her in and down to Tifanie. Tifanie asked where I found her and I just told her God told me where to look. SO...that was the cat's adventure!

6 WEEKS WAITING! Wow...these 6 weeks have really flown by. I am thankful for that much and that God is showing us with each step that HE is in control of our finances. Little unexpected amounts of money come in just as we need them and we are slowly rebuilding our savings in hopes of a referral in the next 6 months. This seems to be such a trying time for many right now. I am thankful at this point that Don has a job.

THE FINAL WEIGH-IN...We started a biggest loser challenge the end of August. Today was our final weigh-in. I lost 13 pounds but have lost a total of 21 since June. I wish I had waited until the challenge began but such is life! I would love to lose another 10 before we bring our little guy home. I am still trying to walk with a friend so we can remain healthier. This was a fun challenge and really kept me accountable. I hope and pray I can keep it off!!

SO...that has been our week. Please keep praying with us about referrals for those waiting, those who are in financial strain right now, and those who have lost their jobs.

Thanks for your support! We are so thankful for ALL of you!

Until later~

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