Sunday, December 21, 2008


Emilie had her Christmas program tonight. The name of the program this year was A King is Coming to Our Town. It was cute. Emilie had a bigger part this year and she did a great job. She is very dramatic so this is right up her alley. The program was about finding the "King". They got to sing and dance about King Kong...King Tut...and Elvis "The King of Rock and Roll" and Jesus. All of the kids did a great job. Emilie was quite thrilled with her fans that showed up. Mom, Dad, Randy, Grandma & Grandpa, Melanie, Bill and Nick. And, of course, everyone else from Church!!:)

Emilie getting ready to leave for the Christmas Program.

Emilie doing the dance about King Tut.

Emilie reading about the birth of Jesus.

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Meg DeZutti said...

Looks like Em had a great must have been so proud!! I found this Pooh print fleece. it's not "classic pooh" but, you might like it.