Monday, November 24, 2008



My husband is my rock. He has always been so much stronger than I am. He loves me unconditionally, flaws, flab and all!! :) I still get butterflies when I see him walk into a room. (we've been married 19.5 years!!) He would do just about anything within his power to give me and our children whatever we want! I have to be careful when I say I would like to have something. He works very hard to take care of our family. He has stuck beside me through several illnesses, surgeries, and even when I had to quit my job due to health reasons. He is amazing and I know he was hand picked by God just for me. How blessed I am! I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be his wife!

Tifanie, is my first born. She made me a Mommy for the first time. She is an amazing young lady. She has taught me so much about motherhood and about giving unconditional love! She may try my patience at times but I see that she is going some place with her life and so ready to be there! I am so thankful that God let me be her Mom.

Randy, my tenderhearted boy. He taught me quickly all about being a Mommy to a boy! And it is different!! He is always saying he is sorry if he has upset me or he just knows when I need a hug. He is teaching me about parenting a teenage boy...I think I am thankful for that! :) I am thankful to be Randy's Mom.

Emilie, my wild and crazy girl! Em has taught me many things in her only 10 years! She has taught me how to deal with craziness! She is SO funny and brings so much joy to our home. She teaches me daily that you must be prepared for anything!! She loves with everything in her. She will be an amazing person when she grows up. I am VERY thankful that God has allowed me to be Em's Mom.

Little Guy, you are not here just yet but I am already thankful that I am on this journey for you. I know you will be a wonderful addition to our family. I am thankful that someday I will get to be your Mom.

Until later~

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