Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well...our garage was cancelled due to some scary weather!! I think they have finally decided it was a tornado that hit our community and caused so much devestation. We are thanking God that we are all safe and the damage really wasn't as bad as it could have been. Other families were not so fortunate. Several have lost their homes or just roofs.

The story as it unfolded in the Hubbard home: At about 2 something a.m., I sat straight up in bed. I realized it was very windy outside and raining really hard. I was concerned about Tifanie's prom dress hanging in the window, in what will be the nursery. I thought I had not shut the window and was worried it was getting drenched from the rain. SO...I got up and went to open our bedroom door. It was like a thriller movie and I had opened the door and let the demons out. SCARY!!! Donald jumped out of bed. Randy ran in to our room, as we were trying to get some decent clothes on we yelled for him to go get Emilie and get to the basement. (we had no electricity). We finally all made it down to the basement with the our dogs and the kids were safely in the storage room. Randy had carried his sister 2 flights of stairs. ( He does love her!! :) ) By the way, Tifanie was already down in the basement as that is where her bedroom is.

Donald and I went back upstairs to look outside into our backyard. We quickly realized that 2 sides our deck was missing. The large swing and playhouse was busted and laying on its side. We had our neighbours huge playhouse in pieces all over our yard and on the deck. Our fence was leaning to one side and missing patches of it. At that time what really freaked me out was that the big grill was laying very close to the window which is where Tifanie's bed is. Thank you God!! She could have been hurt very badly.

Donald ended up going into to work about 330 or 4. He is a police officer and since we were all ok he knew they would need him. He called to tell me about all of the other damage to our neighborhood. There are several houses without roofs and one that is several feet off of its foundation and one that is just gone! I, personally, had never seen so many trampolines everywhere. Some in yards where they shouldn't be and some just wrapped around poles.

After surveying our own home it looks like we will need new siding, a new deck and the repair work on the fence. They still need to look at our roof and see how much damage was done to it. We will need to replace the play house, the bbq grills, and a table and chairs. There are a few other minor things also.

Tifanie's graduation party was supposed to be here on the 31st. We have found another place to hold that. I don't think our home is safe enough for that right now and we are not sure how long it will take them to do all of the work.

As you can imagine...we cancelled the garage sale and hope to do it again the first weekend in June.

ADOPTION NEWS: We did get our paperwork for the new agency and I got all filled out. Due to the weather it was also delayed in being sent. We will hopefully get it sent on Mon and then will wait for approval.

Until later~

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