Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today we sent in our application for the Ethiopia program to a new agency. We will wait to hear from them about approval. I think they said it will take a few weeks. So once again we will wait. It is hard to believe we are beginning all over again. I am at peace with our decision to move on but I am still sad to say good bye to our hopes of a little guy from Vietnam. We keep thinking that maybe someday...so we will wait and see on that, also.

STORM NEWS: We are still waiting on our adjuster to give us the final tally on the damages to our home. We will need to buy a new grill before Tifanie's graduation party. She wants Bbq'd chicken.

It is hard to believe that Tifanie will be graduating from High School in 3 weeks!! I finished her announcements last night. The frustrating thing is I keep thinking of people I have forgotten and now we are out of announcements so I am just sending invites to her grad party. I feel so bad but just did not tally quite right on how many we would need!! I am thankful to everyone who is helping me get things together for her party. Since we have had to move it from the house there are more things to prepare for and buy. I have some great friends and family that are helping me prepare the food and buy things to decorate with. ****THANKS****

SO...Until later~


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