Monday, March 31, 2008

ANOTHER MONTH... has been another month of no news. We are waiting on notes to be posted to JCICS and then our agency will set up another conference call to go over any questions or concerns we may have. One minute I read something that makes me optimistic and then I read something that makes me concerned. Our paperwork has been logged in to Vietnam for almost 7 months. I know one agency that had been waiting for referrals for about 6 months received 2 referrals this week. That is movement but unfortunately with another agency doesn't help us much. We are still praying hard for good news and some movement. I would be thrilled just to move up from the #5 spot!!!

I have been under the weather for the last week. I went to the Dr per my husband's request. I got back on my allergy meds hoping that was all it was. Now I am thinking that it may be more. I have had a headache for over a week and now I have a bad cough that feels like it is in my chest. It aggravates me to go back to the Dr because she didn't even check me just wrote the scripts for my meds and said if I am not better in 2 weeks it could be a sinus infection.

Emilie has started her soccer games. Her first game was last Tues and she played her second game tonight. It was really cold and windy and so that did not help the cold!! I love to watch her play. It is quite funny!! She is very animated when things happen. She got hit by the ball on her leg and if looks could have killed the kid that did it would have been in trouble. It is so funny. BUT she does do pretty well getting in there to try and get the ball. Her coach told me tonight that she went to him and said "I am cold can I come out?" That's my girl!!

Randy and Dad ran a 5k on the 22nd of Mar. Randy finished 3rd in his age group and Donald finished 6th. Donald was just thrilled that he beat the 6yr old by 2 seconds!!!! :) I wish I could have seen it! I guess we are all going to do one in Aug. I told them I would walk it. So...I better start training for it. Walking over 3 miles is not something I have done in awhile.

We got Tifanie's announcements for graduation today. :( Am I really ready for this??

I am cleaning out closets right now preparing for a garage sale in our near future. Plus they all need to be cleaned out really bad!! We will have a lot to sell once we get it all organized.

Please continue to pray for us. We really had hoped our little guy would atleast be referred to us by now. We know God has a plan and that he has our little guy all picked out so please pray for peace as we continue to wait.

Until later...


RF said...

Keep the faith. We will keep your process in our thoughts and prayers.

Richard, Kristi & Lilli Foster

Hubbards said...

Thanks! I can use all of the prayers I can get right now!!