Friday, April 11, 2008


Today we have officially had our paperwork logged in for 7 months. Our DTV was 8/28 and our log in date was 9/11. And still nothing!!! Not one person has had a referral from our agency in those 7 months. I believe our last referrals were the beginning of Sept and that was 2 infant girls.

We have been really doing a lot of talking lately and thinking about what we should do "if" things don't get any better. We have contacted a domestic adoption agency but they are not taking any more clients right now. This was an answer to my prayer. I prayed that if it was not the right path that God would slam the door! It was slammed! We are now kind of talking foster/adopt but are unsure of that also. We have also talked about Ethiopia. We are trying to keep an open mind in case things go badly these next few months with Vietnam. Our homestudy will expire in Oct but our fingerprints expire in Sept so we will be renewing our homestudy probably in July. By then we would kind of like to have our minds made up of what we want to do. There is no sense in paying twice to have our homestudy updated if we don't need to.

I received my new "Adoption Today" magazine a few days ago. It had a big article about Vietnam adoptions in it and kind of what appears to be going on. It was not very uplifting! That made me a little depressed. I know that God is in control and that I must keep trusting in His plan for us BUT there are days that it is very hard!

On a happier note, kind of...I took our oldest daughter, Tifanie, shopping for her prom dress yesterday. She chose a very beautiful peach colored long dress. We found her silver strappy shoes to go with it as the dress has silver on it also. I know she will look amazing that night! When she was trying on dresses I was a little envious of her figure! She looked lovely in every dress and she is so tiny. I remember those days- A LONG TIME AGO!! My favorite statement is..."Just wait until you have children"! She just looks at me and laughs. The thing is she is not built like me at all so she will probably have several children and still be tiny!

Emilie is enjoying soccer. We love watching her. She is too funny. She throws elbows about every chance she gets. So far she has not been caught. I am waiting for the day when someone says something to her about it! She will probably give them her evil eye. We love yelling for her but the real funny thing is she yells at us back. We will say "Get to the ball, Em!" and she turns and yells back " I am going!" Hilarious!!

Randy is getting antsy for his summer baseball team to start. He is so much better if he stays active.

So...this has been our lives for the last week or so. At least we are not floating away with all of the rain yet. It is hard to believe that we are towards the middle of April and today it was spitting snow!! WHAT!!??!!

Tomorrow we are going to go look for a new bed set for Emilie. She has been looking on the internet every night for the past week. She has an idea of what she really wants and I hope we can find something that we can all agree on!

A scripture to end with...

For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.
Psalm 33:4

Until later...

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