Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We have adjusted to the no baseball until summer. Randy is doing really well. He decided that he wants to run another 5K in a few weeks so we signed him and Don up to do that together. Don has been working on spending more time with him. They have plans for the weekend and are hanging out together tonight. Randy has decided that God has a different plan for him these next few months. He is going to work on getting his Eagle Project together for scouts.

Emilie has started soccer practice and is enjoying it. We are hoping it will help her run off some energy.

Tifanie has started a new job. She is now doing an internship for her CNA. She is working at the same place that she is doing her clinicals during school hours. I am pleased that she is finding something to help her with her future! We are very proud of her.

We are still just waiting for the adoption. I knew this would be a long tough road but never imagined all of the feelings I would experience. It is hard to go out and hear people ask how the adoption is going. All we can say is we're still waiting. Sometimes I wonder if anyone believes us. We have said we are waiting for quite awhile now. Anyway...we are still praying. We really won't make any definite decisions until we see what Vietnam does the beginning of Sept.

Our fingerprints will need to be redone the beginning of Sept and then our homestudy will need to be updated by Oct. We will hopefully know what is going on more before we have the homestudy updated.

So...Until later...


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