Thursday, March 20, 2008


HAPPY SPRING!!! It is certainly hard to believe that spring is here. I have enjoyed the last few days. The weather is nice and I can open the windows and air out the house! That always makes me feel better.

Yesterday I realized that it had been over a year since we signed papers with our agency for the adoption. I was a little sad. We really thought we would atleast have our referral by now. Donald says the month is not over yet. BUT we are still #5 so that would mean several referrals at one time. I am not that optimistic.

We have decided to put a few scriptures on the baby's wall. The kids wanted to get involved in picking some also. I was quite impressed with the ones they came up with.

Well...Easter is this weekend. So we are attending a passover dinner at our Church tomorrow night. Then Saturday we have soccer practice and the guys are running in a 5K. Then we will head to grandparents for dinner and egg hunting! Sunday we are going to Sunrise Service and Church and then out to dinner and home. SO...I think we will be busy for the next few days.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.

Until later...

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