Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Randy went to his Jr prom on Sat. (yes same as Elijah's bday) He took a beautiful young lady and they made a very cute couple. This Mom was a little sad, though. I am trying to figure out when this young man grew up on me. He has become such a handsome guy and a little too grown up for this Mom! I remember those days when I could not get out of his sight without him crying for me. He would even follow me to the bathroom and I would shut and lock the door and he would stick his little fingers under the door and say..."Hey Mommy it's me Randy...let me in...I need you!" Such sweet words from a little guy. Now, he doesn't need his Mom quite as much and definitely not to follow me to the bathroom. :) But there are still those moments when no one but Mom can make it alright! They are fewer now but oh so cherished! All too soon he will be headed out into the world. I just hope and pray he knows that Mom will always be here when he needs me!
***PROM 2010
***Such a handsome guy...
Hope you are all having a wonderful week. It is half over!! :) I know there are 4 families celebrating tonight after receiving their long awaited referrals. Congratulations to them all.

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