Friday, February 20, 2009


We have now been waiting 17 weeks for a referral for our little guy. We think there were some referrals this week but are waiting for an announcement today. We were recently told we are #56 overall after these referrals but we haven't heard anything about the referrals so we don't know boys or girls or ages yet.

Some very sad news: We heard this week that one of the baby girls who was referred not long ago passed away last weekend. She got an infection and just could not fight it off. We are so devastated for the family and wish that you would join us in prayers for all of those invovled!

I came down with the flu on Monday. I woke up feeling nasty and it proceeded throughout the day. Thankfully, I was able to stay in bed all day on Tuesday and my wonderful hubby took care of everything! I am feeling better but still can't quite shake the headache, cough and stomach ache! Hopefully it will go away soon. At least the hot flashes are gone! Those were horrible.

We are getting a few projects around the house done before little guy arrives. We started on the kids' bathroom several months ago but just didn't make it too far. Yesterday Don got the cabinet sanded and painted. It looks much nicer. I think he is going to try to get the walls painted today or tomorrow. We still have the flooring and border to go up and all of the accessories but in time it will get done. Then I am going to find a cheap shower curtain! Since it is the kids bath we don't want to put too much $ into it. They can be a bit destructive which is why we are redoing it!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


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Missy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!