Friday, February 27, 2009


I looked at the calendar the other day and realized we have been waiting almost 5 months! WOW...This month has been really slow with the referrals. I think we have only moved one spot all month. I sure hope it picks soon. I am still praying very hard for a referral and successful court date prior to the closure in August!
We have still had the flu going through. Emilie (our youngest)started in on Monday night. She missed 2 days of school. Then the little ones that I watch have had it AND their mother as well. I am praying no one else gets it.
The kids' bathroom is just about done. I believe Don is going to work on the flooring Saturday. I am happy with the color. In fact, I have been wishing we had painted the baby's room the same green color. Oh well...Don says...NO WAY!

Hope everyone is avoiding the nasty flu and having a wonderful day!


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Missy said...

Funny how the time can go by so fast AND so slow!!