Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I had my family here on Sunday for my parents birthdays. My Dad's was 1/19 and my Mom's is 2/21. So... I was trying to hit right in the middle to celebrate them both together. My sister's family and my parents and niece all came up and went to Church with us. We really enjoyed having them. Then we came home and had dinner here and ice cream cake from Maggie Moos...YUM!!
We played the wii and got my parents to play as well. It was pretty funny and great to see my parents have such a good time. I loved watching all of the younger kids play together. I know Emilie really enjoyed having them here. I hope we can work harder to get together more often this year!
Really you all should have seen my Dad bowl. It was SO funny. He was telling everyone how to line their's up and all and so my sister said he had to play the next game. He did but sometimes his ball would go so slow because he wasn't quite swinging and releasing quite right. BUT it was working for him and he got several strikes when that happened. We all laughed so hard at him. He has been so stressed because he has finally decided to retire due to some major cutbacks at his work again. They are cutting them down to 2 maybe 3 days and they are now having to take their 2nd lay-off week this week with no pay! I feel really bad for them. BUT I am glad he is finally retiring because he needs to. He will be much happier once it all happens and settles down some, I think!


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