Friday, September 19, 2008


Well...The last week has been pretty crazy here. I have been running from here to there with no end in sight!!

SAD NEWS: Last Saturday I found out my cousin passed away in his sleep Friday night. He was handicapped and lived a great life for 31 years. He touched many lives just by being here. I drove my Mom to St Louis on Monday morning and we returned extremely late Tuesday night. I was so thankful we were able to go and be there for my aunt and uncle and the girls. It was a very touching service. My aunt and uncle are such strong Christians and they have done such a great job with all of their children.

So from Saturday to Monday morning I was running around trying to get things worked out for me to be gone for a few days. It's hard when I do most of the running with the kids and hubby is on pm shift so that doesn't fit in to swim lessons and fb practice. But thankfully we worked it all out.

We also got our 2 little ones back for an undetermined time. Our friend who had the kidney transplant is now in the hospital. She had hernia surgery this morning. As much as I love having the kids I know she is so ready to be healthy again!!

We have a parade to walk in tomorrow. The kiddos will love that!!

My parents will celebrate their 40th anniversary next weekend and we are having a big reception for that. I still have a lot to do for that!! It is mainly just buying things at this point.

ADOPTION NEWS: Still no I 171H here yet. Don attempted calling to find out what was going on. (It has been 7 weeks today!) They did not return the phone calls. SO we made an appt to check the status of it. Don went and said that they told him we should have it next week. I hope so!! I would sure feel better if we were one of those waiting families NOW! There has been a little shake up with yahoo groups lately. I am not sure what it is all about but I have to say our adoption agency now is 100% better than the one we had before. I love getting weekly updates and I love that they are so informative. I guess after the agency we had before getting information every month would be a plus! Better than nothing for about 4 months!!

Please continue to pray with us and please add our friend and my Aunt and Uncle as well.

Until later~

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Meg DeZutti said...

Tina -- boy oh boy, guess I don't have room to talk on the frustration subject. I will keep my fingers, toes & eyes (well, not eyes) crossed that the meeting this week yields a finalized 171-H! I'll also keep your family in my prayers re:your recent loss. Take care of yourself.