Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There is really not a lot going on here. Randy had their first JV game Monday night. They did not play very well. Randy got to play in the last 3 plays of the game.(better than not at all) He did get a tackle though so that was good. Their first sophmore game is tomorrow night. He should get more play time then.

We are still waiting for our immigration change and approval. It has been a few days over a month. I really hate waiting!! I feel like we have been waiting forever. Monday was the "official" closure of the Vietnam program. I am very sad to see it come to this but am thankful that God has given us another plan. I pray that others will be able to recoop and move forward as well.

Until later~

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Meg DeZutti said...

Tina -- I know you are grieving the closure of the Vietnam program, but remember when a door is closed a window is opened. I'm thrilled you "landed" with us in the Ethiopia program and look forward to sharing our journey together. Meg DeZutti