Thursday, July 3, 2008


It is hard to believe that it is already July. Where did June go? Well, as of today my family is all back together safe and sound.

Randy had a great time at boy scout camp. He is now a Warrior. We are very proud of him. Hopefully, within the next few months he will get his eagle project done and will be an eagle! He is also done with the baseball season so now we begin the football practices and camps. Always on the go with our boy!!

Emilie had fun at girl scout camp but came home with a BAD black eye. I guess her eye hit another girls head and that was it. She just got home yesterday from Church camp and I think next year we will try to space her camps out a little more. It was a little tough on her. She had a great time and all but was very happy to be home. She begged for TV privileges when we got home and has been eating like a horse since arriving home!

We picked Donald up at the airport yesterday evening. We were all glad to have Dad home after 15 days!! We are very proud of him. He is at the top rank and he said that only 3% of people in the military reach this rank in their career. He is amazing!

Tifanie and I are the only ones that have not gone anywhere this summer. BUT we are leaving on Monday for a week at the lake as a family and will have other family meet us there on Thurs for a few days. I am looking forward to some time away.

Our friend, who had the kidney transplant, is doing great! We don't have the kids this week because they have a niece helping out. We will get the baby back on Sun and take her with us on vacation and then she will go back to Mom and Dad's for good. I have enjoyed having her around. Such a wonderful reminder of having a little one around. Makes me even more excited for our little guy.

We are still waiting on our home study. I finally got our medicals from the Dr office. And our reference letters were finally finished today so hopefully it will be done when we get home from the lake. We need to get to USCIS before the first of Sep to get refingerprinted and change our country status.

Anyway...That is what is going on in the Hubbard household right now!

Until later~

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