Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well...tomorrow is our appt to go back to immigration and get refingerprinted and to turn in our form for change of country status. We are praying that this will be an easy, smooth, and quick transition. When we went the first time to file our I-600 we were there a little over an hour. We are praying for the same this time but we will see. The first time we were told to expect to be there ALL DAY!! So...we were very pleasantly surprised when we were sitting having breakfast a few hours after arriving for the appointment. This time is different as we have a few questions and have to file a new form to change our status from Vietnam to Ethiopia. We also have to have our daughter fingerprinted this time as she is now 18. I am sure she will be a happy camper having to get up early and spend time with her parents!! :)

SO...please pray that tomorrow goes smoothly and that our I-171H will arrive quickly. While we are waiting on this we will be finishing up our paperwork for the dossier so that we can get all in as soon as it arrives!

Thanks for your support and your prayers!!

Until later~

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