Monday, June 23, 2008


Weird title?? Well...I went to pick up our letters from our Dr office for our homestudy and our agency last Thur. When I got back in our van I thought I had better read them. When I did I discovered that they had gotten Randy and Don confused!! NO I AM NOT KIDDING! They had listed Don as a healthy sibling and Randy as the adoptive father. SO I marched back in and told them about their mistake asking them to correct it. They looked at me with strange looks on their faces. Then they said well she is on vacation until the 30th. All I could say was of course she is because why would ANY of this be easy!!! They saw the tears and said they would see what they could do. That evening I got a call and was told there was nothing they could do and did I want them to call on the 30th when it was done? WELL DUH! I was very angry and I did voice this. We have been going there for over 7 years but hey what is another 2 weeks in our already VERY LONG process to our little guy. I promise that I am much better today than I was on Thur! I just have to remember God is in control and that our little guy will be here soon.

I picked up Emilie today from Girl Scout camp. She had a wonderful time and talked non stop all the way home. She has been eating since I picked her up so I think they may have starved her. JUST KIDDING!! She did come home a little injured. When I pulled up to get her she ran to me for a hug and then went to get her things. The leader of her group came to me and said they had one problem and I immediately thought "oh no!!" but she bumped her eye into another child's head during an activity and she has one heck of a shiner! Wish I could figure out how to post pictures because it is a big one! They said she didn't even hardly cry. They said it was much better today.

I went to scout Sunday with Randy yesterday. He got his warrior. I am very proud of him. He was glad to see me. I know he wishes his Dad were there with him. I got to dance with him for a ceremony and that was interesting. I was just glad I didn't fall down. He was glad too!

Tifanie turned 18 last Friday! I took her shopping on Thur. She got a printer for her laptop and some clothes. It is hard to believe I have an 18 yr old.

Don is still at his school in Texas for another 9 days! YUCK-- but it was good he
got it out of the way so that next year we are not tied down and are open to travel for our little guy when needed.

We still have 2 extras in our house. Things seem to be going well. We are going to go to the zoo tomorrow if it does not rain. We will see.

Please continue to pray for us as we wait for things.

Until later~

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Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

I feel your pain with the MDs office. We had the most diffucult probs with the MD offices. I am leaving my MD of 20 years over the grief and attitude she gave. But, thats ok. We just have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move on. Hope things work out for you.