Friday, August 1, 2008


Well...we survived the appt to get refingerprinted and to change our country status. It only took about an hour. I am praying they get all of our paperwork done correctly and quickly.
The lady at our "window" was NOT friendly at all! We were escorted to one window and she loudly stated "over here!" Then her comment was "what do you want?" NOT "Can I help you?" I was in a bit of a shock with her rudeness and all so I stuttered out what we were there for and what we needed. Then she had to get a little help from the "nice" guy in the window we were sent to initially. I had to ask her to take some of our documents! Then we had a question about our I-171H expiring and if we would have to pay for that extension or not. Since she was less than helpful...Donald decided to ask the question loud enough for the guy in the next window to hear, hoping he would answer it. He kindly came to our window and answered the question. He said we would still get the one free extension. Donald is still concerned that we will have to pay for it so we will have to wait until November to find out.

Anyway...we got fingerprinted and then left and spent a great day feeling a little more relieved that we have another step done. Tonight I have put together all of the paperwork that we need to get notarized and we will wait to get our approval and then get it all state certified. we wait again! I think I am getting kind of used to it!! But I am praying for a quick approval!

Thanks so much for the prayers and keep them coming for a quick process!

Until later~

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