Tuesday, November 23, 2010

THANKFUL DAYS 11 & 12...

DAY 11: I am thankful for my baby girl Emilie. With Em around there is never a dull moment. She is either telling you a story or reading you something. She is such a joy, even when she is being difficult. I love the quiet serious moments with her. They are few but when we sit and read together or just talk I can see what a brilliant mind God has blessed her with. She was much prayed for and I know God has wonderful things planned for her.

DAY 12: I am VERY thankful for our baby boy, Elijah. I could write a book about how thankful I am but I won't. Over the last 3 Thanksgiving holidays I have begged God that he just be here next year. Well...the year is here. I look so forward to sharing this holiday and many others with him. To see things through a young ones eyes again and watch them experience it all for the first time is amazing. I am so thankful he is ours and God blessed us with such an active healthy baby boy.


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