Saturday, November 13, 2010


It is not hard this year to come up with several reasons that I am thankful. We have truly had a blessed 2010. In years past I would choose something I was thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Let me tell you as we journeyed through the last 2 years of our adoption it got a little harder to put on that thankful face! (I know BAD me!) I was and am always and forever thankful for my children, husband, family and many other things. BUT during the last of our wait...I didn't really want to be thankful about anything! I know that sounds bad but it was how I began to feel. I start this year's Thankful posts, I will begin with God first! I am thankful He walked with me throughout all of it and continues to walk with me today. I am thankful He never said "well since she is not really being sincere I shall turn my back on her until she comes around." I never doubted His love for me BUT there were times when I was begging him for a reason why!!!??? I have learned a lot in the almost 4 yrs since we decided to adopt. A lot about God and so much more about me!
SO...Thank you God for ALWAYS being there and for carrying us through those dark days!


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