Sunday, November 21, 2010


I did not forget my thankful post countdown to Thanksgiving. I just got sick with a wonderful bug for a few days and fell behind. (Poor excuse, I know!) I am going to try and catch here it goes!

DAY 4: I am thankful for all of the wonderful people we have met, either in person or via blog, facebook, or yahoo group, that are such wonderful adoption support. I know without a doubt if I have any questions or concerns that these people are there to help and support. What a great gift that is. We have made some tremendous friendships throughout our adoption. Such a wonderful blessing!

DAY 5: I am thankful for my friends. The ones that I can call when I am happy, sad, mad, or just blah! I know these friends will listen without out judging me! They will pray for me when I ask them to and lift me up when I need it. They will laugh with me, cry with me, vent with me and or just be with me. Thank you my wonderful friends!

DAY 6: I am thankful for ALL of my parents. This includes the in-laws as well! I know when needed they are all always there. They have helped us through the last few years and longed for our little guy as much we have. They take care of our kiddos when needed and what a blessing that has been. It is tough when they end up sick because you just never think you will be there! Recently my Dad had 2 stints put in and was diagnosed diabetic. It has been tough and they are still working to get things regulated and right through the VA. I remember thinking...I am not ready to be here yet! I felt the same way a few years ago when we were going through all of this with my in laws as well! I am thankful they are all 4 here and doing pretty well.

DAY 7: I am thankful for my sibling in laws. I have the best! They are all more like my bios than in laws. I love each one of them and am so thankful to be a part of their families!

DAY 8: I am thankful for my sister and brothers. They are a HUGE blessing to me. My sister and I have found a new closeness the last few years and I love that! We have shared SO much together and it so helps when you are just having a moment and she gets it like no one else would. My life is so much more full with her in it. I have one older brother and one younger. They are both good men. They have struggled throughout their lives but they have overcome so much to be who they are now. I love that my kiddos LOVE their Uncle Joe and all of his wacky ideas and jokes. He can make them laugh like no one else. Elijah is still figuring Uncle Joe out but he thinks he is pretty cool.

Day 9: I am thankful for my oldest girl Tifanie. What a blessing she is. She has been so helpful coming and watching the younger two when we need it. It is hard for us because we don't like leaving them with a sitter. I see our relationship shifting some the older she gets. I love talking and visiting with her. I know she is headed for great things. My first born...what a blessing!

Day 10: I am thankful for my oldest son, Randy. Randy is growing up and all too soon it will be his turn to leave the nest. He is such a joy to have around that I know I will struggle when he is gone. I love that he will still come to be and talk and ask my advice. I also love the relationship he has with his older sister now. I see their relationship growing and I love seeing their friendship grow! I am caught up. Hopefully, I will get on track since Thanksgiving is THIS week! A few special notes:
1. I turned 40 today!!!!!!! My goodness where did those years go? I remember when I thought 40 was SO old. HA
2. Elijah has been home with us exactly 9 months today. YEAH! That means tomorrow he will have officially been with us longer than he was without us! I LOVE that. He is one of my greatest joys!!

Blessings to all~

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