Monday, July 19, 2010


We went to the zoo today. It was a very "warm" day but we ventured out anyway with lots of snacks, water, and gatorade! We took our little friend, Alex, along with us. The boys had a great time as did Emilie. Elijah got a bit fussy towards the end. I think he was tired of being confined to the stroller. The boy does not like feeling trapped! :)
Here are a few photos from our day:
Emilie watching animals...Elijah checking out the ground.
Elijah and Alex climbing on the frog slide

At the chimp habitat...Alex was nervous at first and Elijah was just looking at them.
"Hey, this is fun!"

Having some lunch. Elijah has cheese on him but Alex never allows crumbs!
Praying for a wonderful week for all~

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