Friday, July 16, 2010


Don and I were never so aware of being "adoptive parents" as we were at the Children's Hospital the other day. I think we were asked at least 20 times if we were his adoptive parents. By the time we were headed out I wanted to firmly say..."I AM HIS MOMMY!!" It has never bugged me before. Of course, I have never been asked several times in a row either.
Don did say later, that at one point he just wanted to say "DUH!". We kind of discussed it together and I guess it only bothers me at the thought of someone not thinking we are his parents. AND that I would prefer it not be stated several times in a row! :) I wonder what he would think if he heard people asking repeatedly? Would it make him so aware of the fact that he is adopted? Would it make him feel less in some way? I guess those are the things that I am thinking right now.
We mentioned it to our caseworker when she was here. I told her they were not rude or mean about it. They just kept repeating it over and over. But I found myself stating the same thing later in our conversation when I was sharing an adoption story I had read about to her. Hmmm??
Anyway...I am still trying to figure it out and why it bothered me as much as it did? We have not really encountered any weird or off the wall questions. We have not enocuntered any real negative reactions yet. I am not so naive to think we will not at some point but we just haven't yet. The most frustrating question I have gotten was how much did he cost? I NEVER comment on this one. I think the only time I did...I was caught off guard and just said "enough". That was during our first week home. Now I just give them a look of "I can't believe you asked that" and walk away or just change the subject.


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Ninemire said...

If you were at CMH.. the next time you go in just hand them a piece of paper that says Yes we are his adoptive parents. Please hand this to whomever you need to so no one says "Are you his adoptive parents in from of him".
This is common and really it makes me want to say DID YOU READ THE CHART BEFORE YOU WALKED IN THE ROOM???????????

It'll be ok.. Really I just say YES I AM!!! With a smile and if I can take advantage of the oppertunity to share how wonderful adoption is. They know you are his parents. They just have a horrid habbit of asking people the same ? over and over and over and over.
He will know he is adopted and he will surely know who "His parents are".
Take care he looks wonderful so handsome