Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today was our 2nd post placement visit. We have been home almost 5 months already. My how time flies when you are having fun. She was very impressed with Elijah and says she tells many of her families about him. He played and showed off for her while she was here.
In preparing for our visit, Don got the living room painted last night. AND I forgot about the needed pics so he ran this morning to get those printed up for her. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Emilie decided she needed to see all of our bedrooms again! So she showed her around, even to the basement. That is usually the scary part of the house. That is where the boy teenager lives. NEED I SAY MORE??? I think I finally threatened him and took his car keys and said he could not have them back until the room was clean...MY WAY! :) Yes...Mean Mom.
Now we will have our final post placement visit in Jan 2011. We are hoping to get the re adoption done in Aug and then we will have to start on the citizenship part of it.
Elijah got circumcised yesterday. He did much better than I expected him to. We knew it was needed due to some issues but I was concerned for him. They did put him out for it. It was heart breaking to hear him cry as they took him away from Daddy (more like peeled him off). We could hear him crying as we walked to the waiting room. We were both in tears by the time we got there. When we went back to him afterwards the nurse said he was the hit of the room. He was sitting up drinking his bottle, waving and smiling at everyone that came his way. But as soon as he saw us he started to get upset. He was ready to go home. We got him home and he slept for about an hour and then ate dinner and played then was back to bed. He woke this morning as if nothing had ever happened and has been happy and playing like usual all day. This boy continues to amaze me!
Next week Don leaves for Haiti until the 8th of Aug. I know Elijah will miss his Daddy very much but I am just as certain that Daddy will have a tough 2 weeks without his little guy. Elijah certainly brightens a room where ever he goes.
Hope you are all staying cool~
Have a blessed day!

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