Friday, March 27, 2009

WEEK #22!

We have now reached week number 22 of waiting. I am getting a little antsy. Who am I kidding...I have been antsy for the last 2 years about getting our referral! :) I emailed our adoption consultant this week to check what our number was for our exact request. I was pleased to find out that we are #13. The way things have been going I know we still have a wait in front of us but we are almost out of the teens. There was 6 referrals this week but none effected this count. There was also an adorable little guy put on the waiting list. But as I was sure would happen he was placed with a family quickly. He was just under 2.5 years. He was VERY cute! I am still praying for a referral and successful court date prior to the court closure the beginning of Aug.

This weekend I am headed to my sister's to celebrate her boys' birthdays. Cameron and Caleb are 11 today. Andrew was 17 on March 19th. My parents got 4 grandchildren in one yr. My sister had twins, we had Emilie and my brother had Haleigh all within months of each other. It was a lot of fun when we all got together. long as the weather doesn't get too bad Emilie and I are headed that way for the weekend. They are calling for snow!!

Randy and Dad are working on an Eagle scout project and on Sunday the youth is in charge of the Church service. Randy is doing the communion and offering meditations. I am so proud of him. I am hoping Don will video it for me.'s to another week of waiting!!


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