Monday, August 18, 2008


As of today...I have another driver in our household. Randy passed his written test today only missing 2 questions. We are very proud of him BUT scared as well. He asked to drive the van as soon as he had the permit in hand but I said no. We just got it back Sat from the shop after replacing some things from last winter's hit and run during a snow storm and we are hoping to get it traded in within the next few weeks. So...after taking him to lunch and to get new football shoes (2nd pair already this season and no games have been played yet!! UUGH)I let him drive once we were in our sub-division. He did fairly well. He is pretty excited about passing. WAY TO GO SON!!!

Tomorrow they are all back to school. This year I am sending one to college, one to HS and one to 4th grade!! WOW--I am OLD!!!

Until later~

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