Monday, August 11, 2008


Well...we had our adoption garage sale this weekend. We did very well. We raised $540. We are so very thankful to EVERYONE who helped, prayed, and donated items to sell. We sold a lot of it and then donated the clothing to a local battered women's shelter and saved some of the children's clothing to donate to Ethiopia.

We enjoyed talking with people about our adoption and explaining what is going on right now with it. Some asked us about our Vietnam adoption. That was hard to explain to people who are not familiar with international adoptions. What was great is we did not pay for advertising due to the cost of it BUT down the street there was another huge sale that we did not even know they were having! They did advertise because they work for the paper and got the advertising cheap. So...God provided advertising and we were able to have quite a crowd. This same family gave us some great info and leads on adoption.

We know that God has been working in our lives with all of this adoption stuff but it amazes me daily to SEE it. I can hardly wait until our little guy arrives and we get to tell him all about how God made it possible for us to become family! And to share all of the wonderful stories about how others helped to get him here as well.

Until later~

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