Sunday, April 27, 2008


Emilie is our 9 year old daughter. Today at Church she wrote down her prayer request and she let me read it.

My parents are having a bad time with the adoption. I hope the Lord gives them faith.

How sweet is that!!! They know that their Dad and I have had a very rough weekend and that we have been back and forth discussing what to do now. We have ALWAYS included our children in the decision of adoption and they have hearts of gold and are like me and would love to adopt every orphan out there.

Church was tough today. I knew many would have questions and I knew I would be asking for more prayer about this. We certainly need God to guide us right now. We will be making some phone calls tomorrow and see what our agency says to an email I sent over the weekend.

Please continue to keep us and all of the other families in your prayers!

Until Later...

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