Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am sure my Mother appreciates me posting her birthday BUT I will not post her age. I will just say she is exactly 20 yrs and 9 months older than I am AND I am NOT telling my age!!! My Mom is great. She was a stay at home Mom when I was little and went to work when I was in High School, I think. She quit her job several years ago to spend more time with her husband, kids, and grandkids. She now watches children in her home and enjoys it very much. SO...Happy Birthday, MOM. Love Ya!!!

We are iced in today. When my son came in this morning and told me he was out because of bad weather I didn't believe him. I looked outside and it didn't look that bad to me. Then I had to check 2 different channels to believe him. Mainly because we usually get an automated phone call at about 545 if they are out. The call came at 730 instead.

Nothing new about the adoption. I am TRYING to "wait" patiently but to be honest it is getting harder and harder. I pray for peace daily and I do feel that. I don't walk around in a miserable state but whenever I have a minute to stop and really think about it or when I have to go into the nursery for something THEN it hits me. That is when I really pray for peace!!

Until later...

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