Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Wow! Where did January go? It seems like it has just slipped through my fingers. Our year has begun quite busy. We have spent a few weekends out of town with Donald at Guard. He is now moving to Columbia, MO. He has been trying to get there for awhile. He was the Command Sgt Major at Lebanon, MO but was not working with MPs so that was hard for him. He felt like a third wheel most of the time because he didn't know as much about aviation. He has been an MP for over 19 years. Anyway...was that boring enough for you?? :) We enjoy going along sometimes and staying in Hotels with indoor pools for the kids. It is like a little mini vacation.

The kids were home from school today. They are going tomorrow. The weather is cold but the streets are not too bad. I made a trip to Walmart this afternoon and they were mostly cleared.

We have some new additions. We got them on Monday. We have about 8 fish and a frog. Emilie has proceeded to name them characters from her favorite shows. We have Zack and Cody, Mickey and Minnie, and characters from High School Musical.(I can't remember them all!) So far they have lived 3 days in our home. I will keep you updated. Usually, we kill them quickly.

Adoption News: NOTHING-- We are still waiting to schedule our personal conference call. I am learning major frustation and patience!! BUT...GOD IS IN CONTROL...and I am KEEPING THE FAITH!!!

Until later...

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