Friday, August 21, 2009

WEEK 43...

So...another week passes and we are still waiting! I am wondering if the waiting will ever end???? No referrals this week, again! I think we are in the"dry spell". I shouldn't be surprised that we are caught up in it!! We were told this week that courts will close today and re-open the first week in Oct. (I thought they had already told us this but I guess they confirmed it again.) One family passed court this week before the closure so they will be traveling in Sept and others that have referrals with no courts dates will most likely get assigned dates when courts re-open. With each week of no referrals our hopes of having him home by Christmas are crushed a little more. In fact...when we are asked, I am now telling people it will be the beginning of next year before he will be here. When I figure it up it just doesn't add up any other way. NOW...I do know that nothing is impossible with God. So...I am still praying for Christmas! :)

Kids are back in school and we are trying to get into a new routine. It has been rough but it usually takes us about a week to get the new norm going. Em is doing pretty well in the mornings but the evenings are a little rough.

Headed to the park and then to Walmart this morning.

Have a blessed day!
**With God ALL things are possible.

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Ninemire said...

Thank you for posting and for being such a testimony to others.
Thank you also for your friendship. You have helped me so much.