Friday, August 7, 2009


We are now over due! :) We have been waiting 41 weeks to see our little guy's face. We are so hoping and praying that we will have him home for Christmas this year but...I am trying to prepare myself that it will not happen. The thing is I do believe in miracles and maybe we will get one soon! There hasn't been any referrals this week. We did find out that the baby boy referred last week had a DTE date of late Aug so that is good for us. We may be closer than we think! Wouldn't that be a GREAT surprise.

This weekend is tax free weekend for school shopping in MO. I took the kids this morning to get their shoes, and Em the back pack she wanted. We are going to do some more shopping tomorrow at the PX as it is ALWAYS tax free for us. I was wanting to get to the commissary so we will do that as well tomorrow. I am hoping to stock up on things. Emilie chose some cute shoes that are white and one of her favorite colors, blue. She, also, got a backpack that is blue with white polka dots. She will be heading to 5th grade this year and Randy will be a JR. Tifanie is in her 2nd year of taking classes at the community college. UUGH- I am SO old! Don took Randy to get signed up and get his parking yesterday. That was a nice chunk out of the acct. These kiddos aren't cheap! :)

I had the joy of watching one of Don's soldier's little ones this week. He is around 4.5 months old and so cute. I would rock him to sleep and just hold him for a while as he was sleeping! TOO SWEET!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It is supposed to be VERY hot here.


***I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 (EVEN continue this waiting thing!! :) )

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