Sunday, August 24, 2008

IT'S BEEN 20 YEARS!!??!!

Twenty years ago today I was heartbroken because my boyfriend had just left for basic training and I would not see him again until Christmas. This was my SR year of High School and what was I going to do without my boyfriend to go with me to dances and school events?? We had only been dating a month BUT had been friends for atleast 4 years if not longer!

Today my husband celebrates being in the military 20 years. That is a big accomplishment. He began his career serving in active duty with the Military Police for 8 years. Then he joined the National Guard and now holds the rank of Command Sgt Major! He has worked very hard to advance in the military and there were and are times when I have not made it so easy on him. I DON'T like it when he gets those phone calls that pull him away for months at time. BUT I am very proud of all that he has done and will do for his fellow men and women and for those of us who would much rather be in the comfort of their own homes rather than in tents in 135 degree weather! He wanted to become an "army man" from the time he was very young and it is amazing to watch someone fulfill their dream. He amazes me daily at all he does and I am very proud of the man he became.

By the way...I obviously survived the Sr year and we were married a week after I graduated from HS and a few months later I joined him in Germany!! He promised me a 3 yr honeymoon so how could I refuse!! :) He is truly the love of my life and I have enjoyed sharing in these 20 years with him. Although, I would still like to see him retire!! (just had to add it!!!)

I am VERY proud of you dear!!

Until later~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Funny title, right? Well, last night we took Don to dinner for his Birthday. We went to Red Lobster. My kids ALL got snow crab legs for their dinners.(even Emilie) Apparently, they do not take after their mother. I can't stand the smell of most seafood. You should have seen all three of them working so hard to get the smallest bit of food. I thought it was a waste of time. Emilie had never had them before so she had to have help with hers. I think our table had crab flying from it as they ate!! It was pretty funny.

The kids are back in school TODAY-- YEAH!!! Tifanie even had her first day of college today as well. SO...It is very quiet in our house and I am getting some re organizing done. I have started a list of things I want to organize before we get our little guy.

We are still waiting on our immigration approval and change. It has been 18 days. I wonder how long it will take this time.

Until later~

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER!!! I won't give her age but she is younger than I am!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today is my hubby's birthday. He is .......38!! Wow-- BUT I have to be REALLY nice because I am only 3 months younger than he is. And i would prefer to just forget mine if at all possible. The kids and I are taking him to Red Lobster for his birthday. Emilie did pick him out a great t shirt I will have to take his picture and post it!

Anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY! We love you!! Thanks for all you do for our family!

Until later~


As of today...I have another driver in our household. Randy passed his written test today only missing 2 questions. We are very proud of him BUT scared as well. He asked to drive the van as soon as he had the permit in hand but I said no. We just got it back Sat from the shop after replacing some things from last winter's hit and run during a snow storm and we are hoping to get it traded in within the next few weeks. So...after taking him to lunch and to get new football shoes (2nd pair already this season and no games have been played yet!! UUGH)I let him drive once we were in our sub-division. He did fairly well. He is pretty excited about passing. WAY TO GO SON!!!

Tomorrow they are all back to school. This year I am sending one to college, one to HS and one to 4th grade!! WOW--I am OLD!!!

Until later~

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well...we had our adoption garage sale this weekend. We did very well. We raised $540. We are so very thankful to EVERYONE who helped, prayed, and donated items to sell. We sold a lot of it and then donated the clothing to a local battered women's shelter and saved some of the children's clothing to donate to Ethiopia.

We enjoyed talking with people about our adoption and explaining what is going on right now with it. Some asked us about our Vietnam adoption. That was hard to explain to people who are not familiar with international adoptions. What was great is we did not pay for advertising due to the cost of it BUT down the street there was another huge sale that we did not even know they were having! They did advertise because they work for the paper and got the advertising cheap. So...God provided advertising and we were able to have quite a crowd. This same family gave us some great info and leads on adoption.

We know that God has been working in our lives with all of this adoption stuff but it amazes me daily to SEE it. I can hardly wait until our little guy arrives and we get to tell him all about how God made it possible for us to become family! And to share all of the wonderful stories about how others helped to get him here as well.

Until later~

Saturday, August 2, 2008


This evening we had the pleasure of meeting 4 families who are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and one family who already had their son. We had a great time getting to know everyone and getting to ask questions. A lot of them are further along in the process than we are so that helped with some of my questions. I certainly appreciate the advise about shots, meds, and many other things! We are very thankful that Amanda and John opened their home to us. Emilie and Randy even enjoyed themselves. It might have had something to do with all of the arcade games!!??? ;) Loved seeing Lisa and Shawn's referral pics of their two precious little ones!! Thanks Lisa, for sharing!! We wish you many blessings with your bundles of joy!! Donald enjoyed playing cars with two little guys.

I am so thankful that I was able to meet and make this connection with these people. The couple who hosted the party live only about a mile from us!!! God has a funny way of bringing people into our lives. We are looing forward to some play dates once everyone's little ones arrive.

Emilie had a wonderful time and got to talk their ears off. She talked all the way home about how much she loved going and meeting everyone and playing the games and playing with the two little guys, also.

SO...We all had a great night and got to meet some great people!!

Until later~

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well...we survived the appt to get refingerprinted and to change our country status. It only took about an hour. I am praying they get all of our paperwork done correctly and quickly.
The lady at our "window" was NOT friendly at all! We were escorted to one window and she loudly stated "over here!" Then her comment was "what do you want?" NOT "Can I help you?" I was in a bit of a shock with her rudeness and all so I stuttered out what we were there for and what we needed. Then she had to get a little help from the "nice" guy in the window we were sent to initially. I had to ask her to take some of our documents! Then we had a question about our I-171H expiring and if we would have to pay for that extension or not. Since she was less than helpful...Donald decided to ask the question loud enough for the guy in the next window to hear, hoping he would answer it. He kindly came to our window and answered the question. He said we would still get the one free extension. Donald is still concerned that we will have to pay for it so we will have to wait until November to find out.

Anyway...we got fingerprinted and then left and spent a great day feeling a little more relieved that we have another step done. Tonight I have put together all of the paperwork that we need to get notarized and we will wait to get our approval and then get it all state certified. we wait again! I think I am getting kind of used to it!! But I am praying for a quick approval!

Thanks so much for the prayers and keep them coming for a quick process!

Until later~